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Tips On How To Audition For Actors


Auditions are a very important step to get good work for actors. It is very important to know how to approach an Acting Audition. Here are few tips by Actor Gaurav Nanda

  1. Always dress as asked by the casting director. You should look like the character they are looking for.
  2.  Learn your lines properly and as throughly as possible While acting you should not be concerned that you don’t remember the lines otherwise you won’t be able to give you 100% as actors.
  3. Instead of mugging the lines , Try to understand the situation and what exactly your character is doing and what is his want in the scene. It will help you understand and learn the lines much faster.
  4. Always know where you need to look while acting in front of camera. Ask your casting director where you need to look and speak the lines. Many actors look right in the lens of the camera and it destroys suspension of disbelief . As actor you either have to look right or left of camera and sometimes when you have multiple characters you need to fix their spots on where you need to look for each character while delivering the lines.
  5. Always try to understand and take as much input from the director or casting director before recording your audition . Sometimes what you prepare is totally different from what they want you to do with that script.
  6. Be as professional as possible , sweet talks and being over friendly with directors or casting directors can sometimes backfire , you will only get cast for a role if you fit for it and when you perform well, not by doing sweet talks .
  7. Don’t get disappointed when you are not selected; Give the audition , make sure you have given your 100 % and when the audition is over forget about it. You will not be selected in every audition even if you have done really well according to you .
  8. Stay positive and learn from your mistakes , analyse the areas you are lacking and keep on working on your self . There is no end to self improvement.