Actor Studio India Is The First & The Best International Method Acting Training Studio In India; It was established in 2008 by Actor Gaurav Nanda.

Gaurav Nanda is one of the Top International Method Acting, Corporate, High Performance Conditioning Trainers & Life Transformation Coaches in the World.

He specializes in various method acting approaches and techniques governing human behaviour from all over the world ; such as Michael Chekov (Russia),Lee Strasberg (America), Jacques Lecoq Pedagogy (Paris), Stanislavski (Russia), Uta Hagen (America), Sanford Meisner (America) ,Laban Movement Analysis And Neuro-linguistic programming etc.

Our training is totally unique, scientific and result oriented. Using various world wide Method Acting Approaches, Psychological Techniques & Science Governing Human Behavior, we have developed Various Modules & Techniques to Train the Human Machine ( Human Mind & Body ) to attain its Maximum Potential.

We provide various international method acting courses, corporate and customized training programs.

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Call us at: 91-8699006077 , 91-9811500715 or Mail us at actorstudio@rocketmail.com
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Watch What Actor Gaurav Nanda Says About Method Acting And Why It Is Important To Get Trained In Acting 

In the video actor Gaurav Nanda talks about what is method acting , what is acting , what are method acting techniques , what are various myths about acting and how important it is to get trained in acting if you want to take acting as a profession .

Do watch the video and clear your doubts about Method Acting