Clowning is a state of playfulness, of being in play which we could call “being clown”. Our work brings people to experience a child-like, naïve and fragile state, to experience undiscovered areas of one self  through intensity and amplification.

Listening and being receptive is central to this approach – which means one needs to stay close to one’s physical body, to one’s feelings and senses. Those who have experienced our work know this : What is essential in clowning improvisation is to remain receptive to what our senses, posture, gestures, actions voice and emotions tell us

Clowning consists of improvisations on a stage and as such is a form of theatrical expression. Drama games, mask work, psychodrama or drama-therapy are all various forms of theatrical expression.

Its a wonderful area for an actor to work on and discover all the possibilities which he might be unaware of as an actor .