The Art Of Comedy

Comedy is all about freedom ,its about using  mind & body without any constraints or inhibition. Its a state that has to be achieved by finding the funny zone of each individual .

Here at Actor Studio India you will learn The ART OF COMEDY By Actor Gaurav Nanda Who Has Defined Various Techniques By Which Any One Can Learn Comedy And Transform His Way Of Looking Life .

Comedy Course Details And Content Which You Will Go Through :

1. What Is Comedy ?

2. Comedic Freedom

3. Finding Your Funny Zone

4. Comic Characterisation

5. Improve Comedy Techniques

6. Comedic Timing

7. Comic States and How To Achieve It

8. How To Deal With Comic Text

9. Diffrence Between Comedy Acting/Stand Up/Improve Comedies

Comedy is not something you talk about , it something you do and learn and by undergoing various comic techniques devised by Actor Gaurav Nanda You Will Be Able To Find The FUNNY YOU

Want To Learn Comedy? Want To Do Stand Up Or Comic Roles In Films Or TV?

Learn The “ART OF COMEDY” And What It Takes To Be A COMEDIAN  By Actor  Gaurav Nanda (One Of India’s Top International Method Acting Training Coach)

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