Corporate Creativity & Innovation Program

Corporate Training Through Drama Program :

Creativity. Innovation. These are the secret weapons in an organization’s competitive arsenal. In this age of downsizing, overhead reduction and restructuring, a company’s ability to rethink and reinvent how they do what they do has never been so vital to corporate success.

Who’s Creative?

Creativity and imagination produce today’s most valuable currency – innovation. A company’s best ideas for creating or improving products or services come not only from outside consultants and focus groups, but from the keen observations of people at all levels of the organization. Innovative contributions can emerge from anyone who is able to harness their creativity to solve problems.

Corporate creativity doesn’t stem from hiring more creative people, but rather fromcreating an environment that allows innovation and creativity to happen. Companies often need to inject a healthy dose of fun and laughter into the mix. One of our many half-day or one-day creativity workshops can help management and employees discover their own talents and abilities in a safe and playful environment.

What’s Your “Innovation” Level?

Day-to-day routines can stifle corporate and employee innovation. Does your organization have the framework in place to deliver and manage innovation?Together we can help guide your team through some core exercises to becoming innovation fit:

  • What is the climate we need to create to be able to brainstorm more effectively?
  • What are the elements to productive innovative thinking, as opposed to ‘pie in the sky’ creativity?
  • How do we foster collaborative work so that many minds can be applied to meeting one challenge?
  • What are some new ways to think about combining ideas?

All of these experiences empower teams to produce results that are fresh and workable. As well, you learn how to support and foster workplace innovation.

Corporate Creativity & Innovation Workshops : 

All of our creativity workshops incorporate self-exploration activities, allowing you to explore yourself in the process. What’s best is that no artistic skills are necessary! Creativity and innovation workshop participants learn creative strategies that can be directly applied to the workplace:

  • Keen observation and listening skills
  • Flexibility
  • Building on the ideas of others
  • Stepping beyond the comfort zone
  • Combining thoughts and ideas in new ways
  • More effective, spontaneous brainstorming
  • Creating an innovation toolbox

We collaborate with companies individually to create customised sessions which meet specific objectives.