Drama For School / Institutes

IMPORTANCE OF Drama, For School / Institutes PROGRAM:

Dramatic Arts education is an important means of stimulating CREATIVITY IN PROBLEM SOLVING. It can CHALLENGE STUDENTS’ PERCEPTIONS about their world and about themselves. Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express. A student can, if only for a few moments, BECOME ANOTHER, explore a new role, try out and experiment with various personal choices and solutions to very real problems-problems from their own life, or problems faced by characters in literature or historical figures. This can happen in a SAFE ATMOSPHERE, where actions and consequences can be examined, discussed, and in a very real sense EXPERIENCED without the dangers and pitfalls that such experimentation would obviously lead to in the “real” world. This is perhaps the most important reason for Dramatic Arts in schools.

“The future of our nation depends on our ability to create-and to be creative. During the coming decades our most important national resources will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today’s schools and insititutes  need to develop creative leaders.”


We enhance the students overall learning experience through various  techniques and exercises . We effectively cultivate creative thinking and imagination, problem solving abilities, strong social and interpersonal skills,strong communication skills in children and ability to drop inhibitions and perform . In essence through drama, we get them to think better, create better, and express themselves better.

We have various modules in Drama For School/Institutes program which are made keeping into account the requirement of the School Or Institute.

We teach drama as a core curriculum subject, and customise our program to integrate with each school’s or institute overall academic plan, tailoring our units of enquiry, lesson plans and assessment systems to each schools specific needs.

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