Personality Development


It is the totality of a person’s quality, both desirable and undesirable as revealed in response to the various situations presented to you in life. Your personality is the total Impact you make on other people.

The personality each one of has is determined by many factors. The level of one’s intelligence. One’s physical limitations, extent of one’s education , heredity and environmental , in which one’s brought up. The strength of our basic emotions, anxieties.

Personality development is the developing a personality cult so as to create a strong positive impression about self with the targeted group, or in general.

The aspects influencing personality are:
Physical, Social, Psychological and Philosophical.

Physical personality: It depends upon pleasing personality indirectly supported by health, strength and withstanding capacity.

Social personality’s main factors are: social values, communication skill, attitude and economic independence especially in relation with wealth.

Psychological personality: It is in tune with personal values, approach, thinking pattern, emotional management and influenced by knowledge, intelligence and smartness.

Philosophical personality: It  is on account of maturity of values.

In our workshops we work on all these aspects and self awareness which are the main factors for personality development . The whole idea about the training is to maximize the potential of a person which he is unaware of .