Customized Workshops

Corporate workshops :

Using Drama in corporate learning and development is not about creating actors but about giving people skills for life and business.  Taking improvisation techniques from the theatre and applying them within a business setting allows you to explore a wide range of issues.

Whether you want to use it to explore themes such as Leadership, Customer Service, Dealing with Difficult People, Presentation Skills, or other management issues, training with drama can be very effective by allowing people to experience new ways of thinking and behaving.

Workshop For Schools / Institutes :

We enhance the students overall learning experience through various  techniques and exercises . We effectively cultivate creative thinking and imagination, problem solving abilities, strong social and interpersonal skills,strong communication skills in children and ability to drop inhibitions and perform . In essence through drama, we get them to think better, create better, and express themselves better.

We have various modules in Drama For School/Institutes program which are made keeping into account the requirement of the School Or Institute.

We teach drama as a core curriculum subject, and customize our program to integrate with each school’s or institute overall academic plan, tailoring our units of enquiry, lesson plans and assessment systems to each schools specific needs.

Personalized Acting Training :

In personalized training  the entire focus is on one particular individual  and the workshop is designed specifically dealing with His/Her problems rather than the entire group and hence the growth and the understanding of  the actor is immense in a short duration of time

It is a special designed workshop directed to the needs of a particular individual .It is a rigorous training which introduces you to the world of acting and process behind becoming an actor.

The results and the experience out of  the entire process is life changing !

Training for specific projects:

Many production houses , directors and producers etc. like to train their actors for specific projects . The training is totally customized keeping in mind the project needs and requirement . It is a great way to  create character graph , explore character nuances and shades before the project starts which can drastically improve the quality of the project.