How to deal With Actors: Workshop For Directors

A good director should understand the process Actors go through , he should be able to take out the best performances from his set of actors. Understanding the process and method to Acting is very important for directors.

In this workshop Directors go through the following:

  • Understanding The Process Of Acting
  • How To Work With Actors
  • Scene Work With Actors
  • How To Develop Characters
  • How To Use Method Acting Techniques With Actors
  • Techniques By Which A Performance Can Be Improved Instantly
  • How to build a backstory for Actors playing respective characters
  • Importance Of Detailing In Acting
  • How To Make Actors Learn Lines
  • How To Work On Actors Voice And Speech While Rehearsing
  • How To Deal With Nervousness Or Inhibitions In Actors
  • How To Create An Suitable Environment For Actors While Shooting
  • Understanding And Empathizing With Actors When They Go Wrong And The Importance Of The Same
  • How To Audition Actors And What To Look In Them While Selecting Them
  • Difference Between Trained Actors And Non Trained Actors

This workshop will definitely take your projects to a different level and will improve how you interact with your team of Actors . It is essential for each and every Director to understand this process and what actors go through to bring out the best results in their projects