Theatre For Children

Theatre For Children :

Theatre/Drama For Children PROGRAM is an important means of stimulating CREATIVITY IN PROBLEM SOLVING. It can CHALLENGE CHILDREN’ PERCEPTIONS about their world and about themselves. Dramatic exploration can provide CHILDREN with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express.

A PERSON can, if only for a few moments, BECOME ANOTHER, explore a new role, try out and experiment with various personal choices and solutions to very real problems-problems from their own life, or problems faced by characters in literature or historical figures.

This can happen in a SAFE ATMOSPHERE, where actions and consequences can be examined, discussed, and in a very real sense EXPERIENCED without the dangers and pitfalls that such experimentation would obviously lead to in the “real” world. This is perhaps the most important reason for THEATRE FOR CHILDREN.

WHY TO UNDERGO THIS Theatre/Drama For Children PROGRAM : 

At the center of all Drama is COMMUNICATION. Like all the arts, Drama allows children to communicate with and understand others in new ways. Perhaps more than any other art form, Drama also provides training in the very PRACTICAL aspects of communication so necessary in today’s increasingly information-centered world.

Children who have participated in Dramatic activities are less likely to have difficulty SPEAKING IN PUBLIC, will be more PERSUASIVE in their communications, both written and oral, will be better able to put themselves into others’ shoes and relate to them, and will have a more POSITIVE, CONFIDENT SELF IMAGE. Participation in Dramatic activity requires SELF CONTROL and DISCIPLINE that will serve the children well in all aspects of life.

Children in Drama will learn to WORK TOGETHER, to cooperate, to find the best way for each member of a group to contribute, and to listen to and accept the viewpoints and contributions of others. NO ART FORM IS MORE TRULY COLLABORATIVE. Drama is an important tool for preparing children  to live and work in a world that is increasingly TEAM-ORIENTED rather than hierarchical.

What We Offer: 

We have various training modules which are made keeping in mind the requirement of the applicants . There can also be personalized training programs which are user specific ! All the applicant undergo a consultation in all our programs to understand and assign a proper module which is based on the requirement of the applicant !