Voice/Speech And Diction Training

Voice and Diction training will help you improve your vocal image as well as your physical image, bringing more freedom, range, and control to your delivery.

Actors, announcers, business presenters, media personalities, teachers, and public speakers, you can develop more confidence in speaking and performing situations by learning how to control your voice and speech. These coaching sessions will prepare you for auditions, interviews, and any kind of presentation, whether for large or small groups, one-on-one, or on the phone.

The Main Contents Of The Course Module Will Contain :

  • How to improve breath support, diction (including accent reduction), pitch control (for a rich, full tone in all ranges), rate and rhythm.
  • How to release tensions that keep the voice from performing effectively all day, and tensions that may be restricting your physical and vocal expressions.
  • How to project without strain, while still being expressive. And how to adjust your projection for varying sizes of audiences and spaces.
  • Doing character voices and accents that won’t wear out your voice.
  • Various exercises to understand how mind body and voice works together in a creative process
  • Understanding how vocal mechanism works and how to discover your natural voice  etc

You’ll come across with some really practical tips and exercises  to improve your voice and diction, and also to expand the range of characters you can play.